Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

body dismorphic disorderBody Dysmorphic disorder is an intense obsession for one’s own body image, here the person is constantly worried about looks, appearance and finding flaws and struggling to fix them. Body dysmorphic disorder is kind of mental disorder

Some of the concerns of people with body dysmorphic disorder are:

  • Extremely conscience about any flaws in their facial features such as shape of nose, lips, structure of their face etc.
  • Obsessed about their skin such as complexion, visibility of wrinkles, pimples and other things related to beauty of the skin, and trying ways to correct them, even if they are in perfect condition
  • Most people with BDD are obsessed about their body weight, they tend to measure their vital statistics frequently to make sure that all’s perfect with their body

Symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Signs and symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder include:

  • Frequently looking at yourself in the mirror and trying to find out if you have any flaws
  • Making yourself believe that your body needs to be corrected and that you have many defects that needs to be fixed by any means, even if you have to go for cosmetic surgery
  • Always comparing your appearance with those whom you think are your competitors
  • People with BDD are always engaged in dressing themselves to perfection, trying out different options of clothes ,makeup ,hairstyles and other things that can make them look good according to themselves
  • Always wanting to know other people’s opinions and views about your appearance for reassurance that everything is fine with your looks
  • Not scared to go for frequent cosmetic procedures
  • Grooming yourself contanstantly
  • People with body dysmorphic disorder avoid social gatherings, unless they are sure about their perfect appearance
  • Some people with BDD have tendency to think about suicide

Because of their obsessive behaviour people with BDD experience problems at work or school, or in family relations.

Causes of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)  

Factors responsible for causing body dysmorphic disorder is not clear.

  • If body dysmorphia is in the family ,then the person has high chances of acquiring this mental disorder
  • If the person is exposed to early childhood trauma such as pressure from their peers to look good, or subjected to constant comparison of appearance with others can cause the person to develop this disorder
  • Certain mental disorders such as anxiety or depression also is responsible for causing body dysmorphic disorder in people
  • Sometimes abnormal brain development can also cause BDD
  • Some people think they can have or maintain social circle by looking beautiful, they constantly try to work on looking perfect to attract attention ,this behaviour may become so obsessive that it leads to body dysmorphic disorder
  • Often people who carry low self-esteem and poor body image are more likely to fall prey to body dysmorphic disorder
  • Body dysmorphic disorder is most common in teenage children who are subjected to bullying or abuse that makes them think that if they work on their appearance they can conquer anybody’s attention

Treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)  

Treatment for body dysmorphic disorder often includes

  • A visit to the therapist for behavioural and mental problems, to develop a treatment plan and to learn to cope with BDD
  • Medications such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and other antidepressants and May help, they are prescribed to control your obsessions and repetitive behaviours.
  • some cases that are severe and if they have the tendency to harm themselves hospitalization is required