Cerebral Palsy (CP) In Details

cerebral-palsyCerebral palsy refers to paralysis of some parts of the body due to of damage to certain parts of the brain. This is a disability that usually occurs in a child during or immediately after the birth that affects the body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, posture and balance. Making difficult to move certain parts of the body. The severity of this disorder is different in each child. It is important to note that children with cerebral palsy have normal intelligence or cognitive ability, and this disorder is not contagious. It does not progress.

Some of the symptoms of cerebral palsy are:

Cerebral palsy symptoms are different for every child. It depends on the the severity of a child’s brain injury, which determine the symptoms. Children affected with cerebral palsy show symptoms mostly related to impaired motor functions, such as:

  • Poor coordination and balance
  • gait disorders
  • delay in speech
  • difficulty swallowing
  • Stiff muscles
  • developmental delay such as crawling and walking
  • seizures
  • Drooling
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • vision problems
  • limited movement
  • Awkward postures
  • Difficulty with sucking or eating
  • Using only one side of the body for movements

What causes cerebral palsy?

  • Damage or injury to the child’s cerebrum, during or immediately after birth can cause cerebral palsy. Cerebrum is the upper part of the brain, whose main function is to promote memory, learning, and communication skills.
  • During the initial stages of pregnancy, the brain of the embryo or foetus is very delicate, any injury or damage to the brain of the foetus due to factors such as insufficient supply of oxygen can cause cerebral palsy
  • Mutations in genes that is  responsible for brain development can lead to cerebral palsy
  • Internal bleeding during pregnancy can disrupt  blood supply to the the foetus leading to abnormality in brain development
  • infections during pregnancy such as toxoplasmosis or rubella during pregnancy can cause cerebral palsy in child
  • Women who expose themselves to drugs, alcohol or smoking, during pregnancy, can lead to brain damage in foetus
  • women who have difficulty while giving birth to child can cause  head injuries in the child, this also leads to cerebral palsy