This website is an expertise in distribution on medications related to erectile dysfunction. As a provider of impotence medicines for men, it is important that the purchaser be of above 18 years old or above. It is very important that the individual ordering the medicines be suffering from erectile dysfunction. We do not take sole responsibility of the effect the medications have on persons who have ordered from the website. Hence, we suggest medicines be ordered only after the suggested prescription given by doctor.

Basically, we ensure that whatever medications from the website are ordered they are shipped appropriately as per the correct given order and address. Also, the other aspect that is taken care when orders taken and products shipped is that all the dealings from product purchases and sales or the internal transaction are kept secret and not revealed to any third party. The product availability and also the pricing factor is a subject to change without further notice.

An individual can cancel the order placed within 24 hours of order, but if the products get shipped then the order cannot be changed or cancelled. The list of refund policies that follow beyond the given disclaimer will not be entertained. We again do not take any responsibility on losses that occur due to problem in delivery, misdelivery or on return of any wrong ordered packaging and also on instances like improper shipping address and wrong relating information given.