Does the website involve a list of medications that are also branded?

Yes, we have medicines ranging of all types i.e. generic as well as branded. While the majority may be generic, but there are other set of majorities that are also branded in nature. The website offers both branded as well as generic medications in varied dosages along with the pricing. Understanding the demand of consumers, the website makes it a point that individuals ordering get the advantage of both branded and generic at prices ranging from high to the low.

What is the major difference between generic and branded medications firstly?

The difference in both starts with the name, shape, availability and presence of the equation of the active ingredients and other chemicals in it. Branded medicines are basically manufactured by the well known companies which are also into making other kinds of medicines along with ED pills. Generic medications are made when the patency of the branded ones get over.

Are these generic medicines quality ones?

The website sells only products that are safe and high in quality as per the FDA standards. Quality service, safety rendering services and consumers trust is the utmost important principle. The quality medicines from this website is a proof that majority of the consumers return back as the success rate of the medicines is very good.Hence, the website always prefers that the pills be bought form the doctor and gather all the information related to the products and only then take the pill as per the dosage suggested and the other instruction given.

Do the medications ordered from the website require doctor’s prescription?

It is best, that for better effect of the pills one should take right prescription and then purchase the doctor suggested dosage tablet or pill. If the pills are taken without any knowledge of the doctor, it may lead to certain fatal health problems or side-effects that may in extreme cases also cause death or either serious health problems like kidney or lung infection or problem.

How much can an individual believe in giving the personal credit card details in case when planning to buy a product?

The credit card, personal details and deals or transactions are completed sealed and not allowed to reach to any third party, through the SSL system, an encrypted technology that disallows any kind of fraudulent acts.

How is the procedure of shipping products, do they reach us on the given day?

The medications ordered are sent across to the consumers until their doorstep through the process of EMS. The shipment is parceled as per the given date and within the number of hours and other specifications provided when shipping. In case the products are unable to reach, then it is bets to confirm with the customer care department and understand the genuine reason the problem in parceling.

What is the procedure followed when certain package is delayed, wrong or missing?

In any of the above mentioned cases or situations, one can easily read out or get back to the return or refund policies that may makes things easier to understand and follow the procedures as mentioned in the policies. There may be chances where an individual may get 100% return of refund guarantee then on, he/ she shall have to present certain proofs of the problem, along with images, order bill and sent across the product with the documents required to take the procedure of the misplaces, misdelivery or wrong packaging done and hence things shall be exchanged for no extra price.

How can I go about checking the status of the order? What are the ways that will make our search for the order process an easier one?

There are various ways through which one can easily check the order process and understand as to when and as per the said date or time, whether the product shall reach or no. As an online pharmacy store, the website has a special team who are experts in the process of customer support. This team shall help in informing the status of the order placed, on the information and the order or name given. They can also inform you about the products ordered and help you give solution on all the product related concerns that you may have.

The other way of checking for the status of the order is through e-mailing or by checking the page in the website that is specifically dedicated to showing the order status process. All you have to do is just go on the website, login as the member, open the order check page, type the bill or shipping number, name and the products ordered and within moments it will easily deliver or showcase the entire softcopy of the product list along with the address, the name of the products, number of orders and the process of the shipping along with information of the number of days after which the product may reach to the doorstep.